bathroom shower


A bathroom shower is one of the most required and utilized feature in a bathroom. To have a relaxing shower and optimize your luxury, you can make your shower an interesting one by choosing an apt bathroom shower.

The progress in home decoration objects have brought in an array of options for spa shower heads, shower combinations and steam bath equipments.

Not many of us are aware about the type of bathroom showers and bathroom designs which can be complimented with our bathroom accessories. Choosing an apt shower for our bathroom will make us feel satisfied and relaxed after every shower. There are innumerable showers which can

to be opted from; like an electric shower, digital shower, mixer shower and so on. Let’s talk about the type of showers which can be used by you in your bathroom and make your showering experience a impressive one.

Types of bathroom showers in your apartment

Before you choose a shower for your bathroom, you need to take into consideration the entire bathroom fittings, your budget, the space available and your choice. You can also consult a professional bathroom designer and choose an appropriate shower.

Walk-in shower

This type of shower has many variations which includes a tiled cubicle along spa-shower. A shower having a tiled, cubicle-style unit should have three walled corners along with a curtain opening and the door as the fourth wall near the bathtub. You can also add charm to the bathroom along with a walk-in shower by upgrading the bathrooms with colorful mosaic tile walls, glass doorways and other upgraded shower components.

Digital showers 

These type of showers offer an invincible mixture of state of art and technology along with sleek designs and accessibility for installation. The shower bath is controlled by a panel that communicates with the shower’s power unit to adjust the flow and temperature. The power unit is installed in the lift or an airing cupboard. These showers are also available with wireless model.

Electric shower

An electric shower is one of the contemporary forms of showers. This shower requires very less time to heat up the water, as the water is heated when it is drawn through the unit. This is the most used shower in every apartment in India. Electric showers are available in various models.

Mixer valve shower: This shower uses the same water system which flows in the bathroom and other places in a home. This shower is used with simple ambiance and is convenient to use.

Emergency showers

These type of showers can be installed in places like a powder room or in place where you will need the shower often. They are designed to pour continuously at about 30-60 gallons per minute. They are used in any emergency situation.

The power shower: This type of shower is installed to increase the water pressure from to the shower heads through an electric pump. One can install this type of shower in an area with a water problem.

The graham shower

The graham shower is very rarely used in India. It can be used in places where there are no apt shower facilities; places like a rain-filled gutter and others can have this shower.

The Navy shower: People with a sense of water conservation can opt for a navy shower. A navy shower is a perfect shower for places with water scarcity and uses very less water.

Roman shower

This shower is used in ancient buildings and is designed in a way where there is no requirement of a door.

The steam shower

These types of showers are mostly used in salons and spas as they are believed to be more beneficial. A steam shower emits rather than water and is considered to be healthy. Apart from all these modern showers, eco showers with a water saving technique are also available in India and can be used for green living.