kids room


Honestly, it is not a child’s play to design your children’s bedroom. it needs and requirements keep on changing as they grow. the good thing is that now big realty companies are focusing on dedicated rooms for kid’s.

This was not the case earlier. these companies are only too willing to design your child’s room in your child’s room in your house according to your specifications.

The kid’s room is a place where they can do all types of activities, from playing and spending quality time with friends to studying and sleeping. it is very easy to get carried away while planning the room decoration for kids.

Aseparate room for kids is now the in-thing. if you really want to do up your children’s room, which showcase your sence of aesthetics and at the same time provides the right kind of ambiance for your growing children, you should plan meticulously before you actully start on the job.

The primary concern is to take heed of your kid’s likings while at the same time curbing the instinct to overrun your budget. At the end of the day, the child must be secure and happy in the new surroundings.

“Designing a child’s room can be very challenging considering that children keep growing and their tastes and fads keep evoling in step with the contemporary styles. it’s hard enough keeping up with endless influx of technological gadgets, and finding ways to store all of these is another challenge,” sanjay khanna, the director of kailash nath projects pvt ltd, says.

Unlike the rooms of elders, privacy is not an issue when it comes to the kid’s rooms. absolute privacy will make it difficult for you to monitor your children. hence it should be open.

Nuzhat alim, the director of ild group, says: “a child’s room should be sound – proof. plain glass window panes will be suitable as they filter out the external noise and also provide only minimum privacy to the occupants of the room.” experts are of the view that sufficient space should be provided to accommodate all the future furniture requiremwnts.

More often than not, the bedroom is also a child’s play-area. providing enough open floor space will serve this purpose.

While privacy is not an issue, a calm environment is a pre-requi-site for a peaceful study. providing a small writing desk will encourage children to set their books and accessories in order daily. the floor and the wall need to be specially planned for this bedroom. marble floors will absorb colours and other liquids that may be spilled during play, says ajay singal, director of avalon group.

B sharma, a media professional, has recently spent a lot of money and time in the doing up his kid’s room. he drilled in many hooks on the walls to accommodate all the charts and hangings that his son needed for his studies.

He also put up a white writing board on one of the walls, which could be used for solving problems or for writing reminders.

While designing the children’s room, we should ensure that electrical switchboards are not placed at a low level. small children may find it tempting to poke into the electrical sockets with pins and needles, which could prove dangerous.

You can talk to your children about the colours and patterns that they like. they will probably be interested in having their rooms designed with their favourite comic characters. have plenty of storage space, not only for clothes, but also for books and toys and stuffed animals.

A child’s room should be sound-proof. plain glass window panels will be suitable as they filter out the external noise and also provide only minimum privacy to the occupants of the room