Kitchen Update on Shoestring

Get a Fresh Look: Do a little Work and Save a Lot
You don’t have to feel struck with a dingy and drab kitchen that was last decorated in the 70’s. No matter what your budget, you can make changes to freshen it up and bring it into the 21st century.

The key is the floor plan. If the floor plan is bad, you’ll be stuck unless you have a big bank account. If it works, the rest is a breeze.

Replace the Cabinet Hardware

Sometimes the simplest changes make the greatest impact. It’s like finishing off a wonderful dress with the perfect piece of jewelry. For kitchen cabinet, you can see an amazing change by replacing the old cabinet knobs with new ones. Get rid of dingy, greasy knobs in favor of trendy brushed nickel or antique brass, and voila! Fresh new look. Be sure to count carefully before you head out to the store. Prices of cabinet pulls can vary widely, so set your budget, divide the amount by the number of pulls you’ll need, and stick to that figure.

Brighten Things Up

You can find a good-looking decorative light fixture at any hardware or home improvement store. Get rid of the ugly recessed fluorescent light in the middle of the ceiling. Be brave and consider a chandelier. Or consider focused track lighting. Anew light fixture will brighten up the space and add a decorative element. Get rid of your ugly fluorescent fixture that’s hanging in the center of the kitchen ceiling. There are so many fashionable fixture that matches the drawer pulls for a coordinated look. And don’t just thing about a fixture that hugs the ceiling. A chandelier will really dress up the space.

Buy Some Paint

  • A fresh coat of paint is one of the least expensive ways to transform any space in your home. And the kitchen is no exception.
  • Start with the ceiling. If the surface overhead is yellowed and greasy, clean it carefully and paint it a bright, clean white. The whole room will light up.
  • The next easiest project with paint is to change the color of the walls in the kitchen. Choose a color that will blend with the tone of the cabinets and flow into the adjoin rooms. We recommend an oil-based enamel semi-gloss paint for a kitchen, making cleanups easier and providing a longer life.
  • If you’re feeling particularly ambitions, painting the cabinets would be the most time-consuming, yet still inexpensive, project. Remove the cabinet doors and sand them carefully to remove the finish. Sand the frames and interior of the cabinets. Paint the interiors first, preferable in a fresh white or cream. Then carefully paint the visible frame areas, ending with the cabinet doors. When dry, replace the doors on the frames.

Add Some Work Space
If your kitchen has an open floor, place a small table in the center of the room. This in the center of the room. This space will provide extra counter area, provide seating, and give you more work space.

Self-Adhesive Flooring
For- dingy floors that are smooth, clean, and level, you might consider covering them with a fresh self-adhesive vinyl flooring. This can be purchased in strips or 12’’ square tiles. Read installation instructions carefully, then place one tile a time until the room is finished. You can cut the tiles to shape with a scissors or straight blade. What could be easier?

Show Off Your Treasures
If your upper cabinets are have a center panel, remove the solid wood and replace one or two with panels of glass. Install lighting above and show off your collectibles and beautiful crystal or dishes.

Add a Touch of Mother Nature
You’d be amazed by the change you’ll see just by adding a bit of green in plants and flowers. Don’t clutter the counter, but find space above cabinets or in corners. Your space will look fresh and new.