Godrej Unveils a Unique Lock ‘knock N’ Lock’
Godrej locking solution and systems (Godrej Locks) introduces a unique lock called Knock N’ lock that is completely invisible and does not involve a keyhole or a card slot.

With its use, the security of outdoor and indoor facilities is expected to go up by several notches. With the locking system completely invisible to naked eye, it will be impossible to pick.

This revolutionary locking unit is based on patented knock code technology that works a concealed lock without any visible access point. It is also impossible to imitate the key, as recording the code will prove useless. In case of knock n’ lock, the system never uses the same code twice.

Knock N’ Lock is first of its kind in India. This unconventional Product is designed with sophistication, embedded with smart technology, forged for superior security and programmed for greater convenience.

How does it work?

Knock Code Technology is a patented approach to locking that resembles no conventional system in the market. Unlike a conventional key, a ‘KnocKey’ is used to unlock the door by simply touching the key to the door. The KnocKey transmits a sequence of mechanical pulses to open the lock. The user simply holds the KnocKey against the locking unit or an adjacent hard surface and enters the code, which passes straight through the lock – even through solid metal, wood or glass.

Salient features:

Hidden lock and vandal resistant – smooth surface with no keyhole, exceptionally strong and impossible to pick or drill. One key solution (one key for multiple locks) – Ability for a user to access multiple locks with the same key using configurable codes and access definitions: the roll-up door, the car, the apartment door, the office, the postal box, and many more.

Weather and corrosion protection – Knock N’ Lock products are designed to work in extreme weather and environmental conditions. There are no points of contact that are vulnerable to corrosion, and the hidden units are less affected by outside conditions such as rain, dust, and humidity thus ensuring a long operating life.

Immune to EMI/RFI – Locking units are resistant to electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. Not vulnerable to stolen keys – A stolen or lost key is useless without the correct access codes. Since codes can be reset at any time, a stolen key poses no threat to the lock.

Audit trail – Maintains complete audit trail of the last 1,0