Steps For Repairing The Seepage.
To dismantle the entire floor area of upper floor toilet and clean the surface with brush. Examine condition of dismantled materials and RCC slab, walls, C.I and G.I pipes including fittings.
To check condition/leakage of existing pipe lines and its fittings, traps etc.

Re-design/ realignment of pipe lines, location & level of floor traps etc.

Purchasing various materials in presence of mason & plumber . A good experienced plumber is to be selected after negotiation. Success of works depends considerably on workmanship of skilled workers and supervision by a civil engineer.

To carry out water proof treatment on RCC floor slab after finagling detailed specifications. If necessary grouting may be done in the porous RCC slab with cement slurry mixed with large crete.

Thereafter joints of C.I pipes and its fittings (traps etc.) are to be covered with cement concrete ( 1 cement : 1.5 coarse sand : 3 stone aggregates of 10 mm & below) mixed with liquid water proof compound. Then sunken portion is to be filled up with brick-coba material.

Thereafter floor traps are to be fixed at proper level and making out-let joints carefully.

Then 2.5 to 3 inch ( 6 to 8 cm) thick base cement concrete layer is to be laid on entire are of floor as base of floor finishing (i.e floor tiles, stone slab etc.)

Water proof cement plaster should also be done on affected/damped portion of walls and ceiling after removing old plaster, damaged concrete.